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Debug Logs as Python Programs

As a programmer (or sysadmin, IT professional, cluster maintenance worker, scrum leader, etc) there will absolutely be times that a debugger isn’t powerful enough or optimal enough or simple enough.  For some classes of problems, whether they be visual (graphs, animations), size (too much stuff changing too quickly), security (only munged objects come with this module) etc, a debugger will only hinder your ability to work.  We inevitably go to data logging for these classes of problems, as it’s quite simple to learn and

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Now is the Time to Buy a First Generation E-Reader

Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Sony, and many others have recently released large color Android tablets/e-book readers out into the wild.  Effectively the third generation of e-book readers, these tablets priced at 150-250$ USD represent the current pinnacle of our e-book world.  But I’m not telling you to go buy them.  Oh no.  The value may be there but the price isn’t right and the technology isn’t optimum for reading books. I’m telling you to buy a first generation Kindle, Nook,

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Easter Eggs!

Almost all of my programs have hidden “easter eggs” in them. From screensavers to morse code generators I’ve put some weird ones in. Well now my website has a few! One is pretty easy to find, but the rest… quite a challenge I’m sure. Happy Hunting!

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eBooks Update - Now Available In More Stores And Countries!

Yep. Due to the continued success of my books after the price increase, I’ve made them available at more places. You can now preview and purchase Hacks, Distributed Compilers, and Live For Free at new store locations! The permalink pages for each have been updated with all the new info! This will also put these titles on eReaders and in stores all over the world in many new markets. These will all trickle out over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! A few highlights:

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No Solder, No Tools, No Trouble USB Wii Sensor Bar Conversion

Like many of my readers, I’m excited about the prospect of playing New Super Mario Brothers in 1080p with 16xAF and 8x AA and 3x the internal graphical resolution. Of course I’m not talking about the recently announced Wii 2, but the Dolphin emulator, which is currently running New Super Mario at a crisp 60fps with the above settings on my laptop. The wiimote and accessories connect fine via internal bluetooth, but what about the sensor bar? Turns out if you’ve bought yours

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