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eBooks Update - Now Available In More Stores And Countries!

Yep. Due to the continued success of my books after the price increase, I’ve made them available at more places. You can now preview and purchase Hacks, Distributed Compilers, and Live For Free at new store locations! The permalink pages for each have been updated with all the new info! This will also put these titles on eReaders and in stores all over the world in many new markets. These will all trickle out over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! A few highlights:

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Build Your Own Distributed Cluster Now Available to Purchase Online

My second eBook, Build Your Own Distributed Compilation Cluster – A Practical Walkthrough is now available for purchase online. This 60+ page tutorial walks one through the creation of a fully distributed compilation system. With practical advice and heaps of source and script examples, you can pick up this helpful eBook at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles sites and be using your own custom distributed compilation system within hours. I’ll be updating the permalink page (top-right on my WordPress theme) with shopping links once the shopping

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Live For Free Now Available To Purchase Online

As some of you have pointed out to me, the links to the free review copy of my eBook “Life For Free – The Chronicles of a Nerd Saving For A Startup” have gone down. Due to an increase in demand I’m putting Live For Free back into print and it’ll be available online at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles stores initially, with more stores to follow if things go well. If any of you have purchased it, please do leave an honest review and

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How I Saved For My Startup - Free E-book Released

Ideas are wonderful things. They can inspire us to work harder, dream harder, live harder. The ideas we have, these are free. Servers cost money. Health insurance costs money. Employees, computers, conference rooms, software licenses, these things cost money. Big time. So when you’re looking to nurture an idea into a business, these costs can seem daunting. For those not interested in (or who have no opportunity for) traditional funding methods such as angel investing and bank loans, how do you actually accumulate the funds

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