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rexVM - A virtualBox Appliance for Developing for The REX 6000

As most of you readers probably know, I have been terribly remiss in my postings of late. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been hacking. Oh no. Bootstrapping a startup requires hacking all over the place. During the past week alone I’ve Gotten to know my franchise tax agent on a first name basis Authored contracts, which in my opinion should be written in python Authored a research paper on novel methods for efficient bulk virtual machine storage and retrieval (stay tuned

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A Quick Tuesday Prediction

Being capitalists, Microsoft will shortly roll out a buyback program for downloaded Xbox Live arcade games. Games can be “returned” for 1000 Microsoft points, with the caveat that if you want to re-download the game, it will cost you full price. Corollary prediction, they will make money hand over fist. That is all.

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