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Using an Original SNES Controller and Cartridge with your PC, PS3, or Dockstar (Retrode Pre-Order glory)

I’ve mentioned the Retrode before, and if you don’t know it’s a terrific device by Matthias Hullin which allows you to use your original Super Nintendo and Genesis controllers with anything USB.  I set out to use an original SNES controller and original cartridge to play Mario Kart.  I ended up doing just that on a couple of interesting platforms, and I’m terrifically pleased with the finished product.  Read on for more photos, videos of the PS3 and Retrode working together, and

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Jailbreaking a PS3 with Trackball Style (With Video)

After a particularly long (but rewarding) day of prototyping and contract hunting over at Discursive Labs, Mark and I weren’t quite ready to stop creating when the work day ended. Already having his trusty iron handy, and me with my parts (and MY AXE), we decided to unwind and relax by hacking something. Typical Wednesdays right? Anyway, after reading about how the PS3 homebrew scene is blowing up, we decided to see if we could build a PS3 jailbreak device with parts we had around

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