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Quick and Dirty Tablet Dock

For those of you who have picked up a tablet, but have yet to pick up a nice case, here is a quick hack for you. I’ve taken a paper feed tray, a PCI slot cover, and a standard dell usb keyboard and screwed them all together. I covered all the screw heads and rough edges with hot glue, and I sit here now typing a comfortable 80+wpm on my tablet. As I’m running a kernel that supports USB host mode on my

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A Programmer's Window Manger - Testing the Notion Window Manager

Following up on my previous post, NeonLicht suggested I try out the Ion window manager. Being a big fan of alternative window managers etc, I decided to give it a whirl. Turns out that the most current version of Ion, Ion3 has been branched and reborn as the Notion window manager. After some general use I’ve come to the conclusion that while it’s not for everyone, it’s a terrifically interesting and forward-facing implementation of a window manager. Also, providing you’re willing to

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