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Using an Original SNES Controller and Cartridge with your PC, PS3, or Dockstar (Retrode Pre-Order glory)

I’ve mentioned the Retrode before, and if you don’t know it’s a terrific device by Matthias Hullin which allows you to use your original Super Nintendo and Genesis controllers with anything USB.  I set out to use an original SNES controller and original cartridge to play Mario Kart.  I ended up doing just that on a couple of interesting platforms, and I’m terrifically pleased with the finished product.  Read on for more photos, videos of the PS3 and Retrode working together, and

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A 25$ Gaming/Emulation Powerhouse - Using the Dockstar as a Gaming Console

As most regular readers will probably know, I’ve got a thing for low powered devices. In my daily work life, I build clusters with them and write/run scientific computing and visualization software on them. At home though, I’ve got a thing for game consoles, emulation, and USB. I’ve especially got a thing for getting people playing games or running consoles on unusual systems that they would have never thought to use. I think the Zipit and IM-ME communities are fairly well aware

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