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(Preview) - Sliders (beta) and Upcoming Beta Opportunities

First thanks to everyone who applied for beta status over at Discursive Labs. Your name is on the list and we’ve got an extra secret upcoming project that will be landing in your inbox soon :). If anyone else is interested in becoming a beta tester, send us an email with “beta” in the subject line and we’ll get you on the list. Also, on a completely separate note we’ve got another technology preview with an upcoming public beta called Sliders (beta). It’s

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Great Pen Testing Zipit Distribution from Adrian Crenshaw (irongeek.com)

I’ve been meaning to split this off into a new post for a while now. Adrian Crenshaw (irongeek.com) built a great z2 linux distro, specifically with the intent of pen-testing. You can grab it here. It’s not only a very cool distribution, (based on a modified rootnexus zipit distro), it’s a very cool reminder of the great things we accomplish building off each other’s work and sharing information. My only suggestion for his next release is to counter his assumption that

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