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How I Saved For My Startup - Free E-book Released

Ideas are wonderful things. They can inspire us to work harder, dream harder, live harder. The ideas we have, these are free. Servers cost money. Health insurance costs money. Employees, computers, conference rooms, software licenses, these things cost money. Big time. So when you’re looking to nurture an idea into a business, these costs can seem daunting. For those not interested in (or who have no opportunity for) traditional funding methods such as angel investing and bank loans, how do you actually accumulate the funds

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The littlest famicom

Ok not really. But it’s pretty sad anyway. Tired of playing games on virtual console, I set out to construct my own nes (and make use of the carts strewn about my closet). As I head out to my usual electronics warehouse (the venice women’s council thrift store), I had envisioned building the nes from the necessary parts pulled from old consoles, pda’s etc. I ended up finding a children’s keyboard to tv adapter which came with a plug-in mouse and controller.

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