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rexVM - A virtualBox Appliance for Developing for The REX 6000

As most of you readers probably know, I have been terribly remiss in my postings of late. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been hacking. Oh no. Bootstrapping a startup requires hacking all over the place. During the past week alone I’ve Gotten to know my franchise tax agent on a first name basis Authored contracts, which in my opinion should be written in python Authored a research paper on novel methods for efficient bulk virtual machine storage and retrieval (stay tuned

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New Ubuntu Z2 Userland from Mozzwald

A pingback from Geordy Rostad alerted me to a new Z2 Ubuntu userland from mozzwald. Looks like a very solid first release, and gcc compilation support is back in (apparently its not been working since my or aliosa27’s bitbaked userlands??). Head over to mozzwald.com for the download and instructions and be sure to leave him some positive feedback. Those familiar with the previous Debian based userlands should feel right at home. Happy hacking!

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