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Hackaway 2010 Winners Announced!

Thanks again everyone for participating this go round. Using my trusty d-10’s, I rolled 6 dice per prize and took the resulting number modulo the number of contest entries. As you can only win 1 prize, I felt it would be unfair to do them in numeric order of hacks, so I randomized the mapping of dice rolls to hacks. I hope this provides some fairness to the distribution of prizes. The winners will be receiving an email request for their addresses officially very shortly…

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Zipit Z2 New Kernel Update!

The short story: The flash worked and I’ve got everything working that worked before. The long story? Here’s what I did. This is the new sweetlilmre method 1. Headed over to and downloaded the autoflasher, and the zipit z2 kernel.bin renamed the z2-2.6.blahblah kernel to kernel.bin and copied to fat32 formatted SD copied the to the same fat32 formatted SD and extracted it there Booted the z2, waited till it rebooted itself RE-formatted

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Dosbox for Zipit Z2!

It turns out that with a bit of source code modification, you can get dosbox running quite well on your zipit z2!! This is HUGE for me, as I’m currently reliving my youth with a Pools of Radiance campaign on my z2! For those impatient to try it out, DL the openembedded ipkg and modified source files at the end of this post. Enabling Swap Follow the directions here for adding a swap file. I recommend a good 64 meg chunk. This will keep dosbox

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