My name is Hunter Davis, and this is my website. I write books, release software, hack on hardware, ponder ideas and generally have a good time.

A 2012 Update:
The bottom copy has been up here for so long, even dating back to my 2002 collegiate website. Things have kind of changed since then.

  • I do still play guitar, and for a time I worked at a music teaching company. Oh and I built my own guitar back in 2010!
  • I’m still a vegetarian, though on doctor’s request I eat fish.
  • Though a drunk driver took me out on said motorcycle, I kept riding it for 5 more years until the nerve damage (and the Seattle weather) were enough to convince me to sell it.
  • You can still snag that resume copy here.
  • The absolute best ways to find out about me are to read the archives, check out my interactive resume, or trawl my GitHub page.
  • Enterprising hackers have ported a number of my software projects to Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile/8 and many more.
  • add Hunter Davis on Google+
  • You can also connect with me professionally on LinkedIn and StackOverflow.
  • I have cured my own sleep paralysis, and you can too.
  • Ko-Nami Code copy dating back to the early 2000s —->
In a nutshell, I’m a motorcycle driving, guitar playing, software writing computer scientist.
But it’s so much more complex than that isn’t it?  I’m a vegetarian, hard rocking, code generating, hairless monkey.   You can snag a somewhat outdated copy of my resume here, or just browse around and snag some free GPL software.  Whee!